Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Velveteen Rabbit

As I've mentioned several thousand times here, an anthology I participated in was released over the summer: The Graphic Canon, Volume 3.  TGC is a three volume set that collects classic literature and sets contemporary comic artists to reinterpret it.   I was lucky enough to be tasked with an extremely rare early short of William Faulkner's, entitled, "The Hill."

The Graphic Canon has done very well in both sales and acclaim, and editor Russ Kick wanted to keep this particular ball rolling. And I'm so very glad he did, because the next step is a Graphic Canon childrens literature treatment for which I had the honor of translating The Velveteen Rabbit.  If I thought turning a Faulkner short into a comic was a dream project, then I never entertained the idea of adding rabbits to the mix.  I've always had an affinity for the creatures; I grew up taking care of bunnies, had my first mental breakdown to Watership Down, had a rabbit named Woodbend as my inseparable childhood (slash adulthood) stuffed animal...

I really hate the word "blessed" but it's all I can think to use when I try to describe my involvement on this project.  Here are a few sample pages from the ten total:

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