Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Micron Penorosity

I've always been a pretty simple creature when it comes to supplies.  I have an idea and I move on it, my impulsivity keeping the tools on my drawing table sparse.  This has led to a fierce loyalty to those few tools I have at hand-- it's us against the world! Kind of like Thelma and Louise, if Thelma didn't have any real friends and the resulting loneliness led to an anthropomorphization of a pen to share an amazing road trip with that ultimately ends in a vehicular swan dive.

I've used Micron pens religiously since I was about twelve years old.  That's closing in on twenty years of using this one product! Two thirds of my life! Exclamation points!  I have tried other pens in the interim, but it always just ends up with my Microns and I excluding them and whispering maliciously while shooting them furtive glances.  I decided to reach out to Sakura, the company responsible for my inanimate soul mates, and share this with them.  A primo representative by the name of Leslie promptly got back to me, and with a refreshingly non-form letter at that. Just yesterday I recieved a supremely generous care package courtesy of Leslie and Sakura which I thought I'd share with you fine folks.

So the moral of the story is, there are several morals to this story.  The first being that the non-existant chance that I would one day switch pen brands has now been immolated in a sacrificial fire.  The second is that Sakura is as nice a company as you could hope to be behind a product you like.  The third is that Micron and I are eloping.  And the fourth and final moral of the story: drop your keys, get a bad dream.

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