Monday, October 22, 2012

I am the Best at This

Updates? What's an updates?  Yeah, I suck.  Drawing Club 2000 is currently starving to death at the bottom of a well, all blue skinned, malnourished, and as alone as an orphaned space baby.  I've been completely swamped with work in a way that I haven't been since what feels like college, and despite how incapable of dealing with discomfort I've grown in the years since then, it was kind of awesome to be knee deep again.

News: I'm leaving for Japan on Thursday! I will return with enough pictures to animate the entire two week trip frame by frame. Additionally, don't be surprised if I don't return at all, or return floating on a raft I fashioned out of all the ramen I couldn't bear to say goodbye to.

Two trading card sets I did some work on are now out, Star Wars Galactic Files and DC 52.

As I may have mentioned here before, I was hired by Alexis Cruz to paint his comic endeavor, "The Unprofessionals: A Sociopathic Bromance".  I was later hired to also pencil and ink chapter 2 (of 6).  I just wrapped that up and will post when 2 becomes available.

Here's a painting I did of the Ice King and Marceline as the Regarding Henry cover.

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