Monday, September 10, 2012


A Windows game made by Mortis Ghost and Unproductive Fun Time, a translated version of Off is available for free here.  This is seriously the most perfect union of art and video game I have seen to date with both functionality and experience rolled into the most delicious pixelated meatball you've ever eaten (although it also makes you quite sad). I don't want to spoil anything with my inadequate breakdown, so if any of the key words in this post strike your fancy, do yourself a favor and just play it.  Or watch someone else play it which can be just as fun (Agent JR hooks you up in the video below). Thanks to Reconstructed Game Team for making this accessible for us English speakerators.

Bonus: you can grab the soundtrack here.  Even if you don't give a shit about video games stuff this in your ears with gusto.

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